There are so many paths to take and lots of ways to get ready for college, career and life. The RoadMap to Success project is working to help students and all who advise them make better sense of it all.

Use the Markers for Success and Ask/Do sections to stay on track from kindergarten through high school.

Markers for Success

TIPS AND TRAITS to support success—just click and go.

Key Resources

Kentucky has so many resources that support college, career and life readiness. Several are listed here by age group. Additional links will be added as we continue to collect them and in our interactive state map to come.

About This Project

The RoadMap to Success project is guided by a statewide team dedicated to helping students understand there are lots of ways to be ready for college, career and life. That preparation begins in early childhood. Breaking down Markers for Success into life, school and work categories, by age group, can help students, families and advisors encourage traits and experiences that matter throughout life.


The RoadMap project was born thanks to superintendents, teachers, counselors, parents, students, community and business leaders whose feedback told us Kentucky was throwing too many darts at the college and career readiness dart board. There was so much information and so many programs it was tough to make sense of it all. That input let us know that we needed to do a better job of helping our students get ready for life after high school and beyond.

The RoadMap team includes representatives from education and workforce settings. As we go and grow, their voices will help make certain we are sharing all aspects of college and career readiness.

In the Know